Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zimbabwe Batsman Kevin Arnot

A Unique Click of Shahid Afridi in 1997

Left Arm Seam Bowler Alan Mullay, who was famous for his accurate lenght blowing

England Medium Pace Bowler Chris Lewis, who played in the 1992 world cup.

Known more as a flamboyant fast-bowler-bowling all-rounder and playboy nobody quite expected him to ever lead the national cricket team.

Former New Zealand Captain Ken Rutherford

Mushtaq Mohammad bowls, 1976 Photo Getty Image

Wasim Bari is the former wicket keeper of the Pakistan cricket team. He long career of 17 years spans from 1967-1984

Former England Wicket Keeper Jack Russel

Pakistan's passions have often played out through their love of the gentleman's game, as a penetrating sports history reveals.